Reviews for "Cubiquity"


it was great but i could not understand them..........

SilverStitch responds:

Sorry about the dialouge but I had to dramatically reduce the sound quality in order to have a valid file-size. =S
Thanks anyways. =)

Makes me want to become a cube....

This was a nice submission. The overall concept reminds me of Ayn Rand's Anthem, where the main character is born different. Just like the Cube.

SilverStitch responds:

Thanks, Im glad you liked it. There are a few texts about this conecpt, which helped with the whole English side.
Thanks again. =)

Wow, this was pretty good

I really liked this! I liked the storyline, just wish it was a bit longer. I hoped the the ending was a bit more dramatic though. But the storyline was very nice, gave me things to think about. I thought the black guy under the "Be Happy" sign was interesting. I really loved the main character with the hat. And it did remind me of Wall-E, but as I've read you started this before Wall-E ;D Great work!

SilverStitch responds:

Thx =) It was originally 3 minutes longer, but I had to cut it out...and those 3 minutes were about more interesting things, but were cut because they were less to do with story. I also had a longer, more dramatic ending...
The hat of the main character was based on works by Magritte, who is a surrealist artist, just one of the few little contextual secrets... ;D


Very cliche, kinda like equilibrium, plus the voices almost made my ears bleed, but i have to hand to it you, the ending was original! LOL

SilverStitch responds:

Sry again about the voices, but like I said, it was an English major, and the markers had a copy of the script with them so they would have been able to simpley read the dialouge instead of listen to it.

Really nice

I always enjoy a good story about a flawed utopia and you pulled this one off very well. The plain and angular style present throughout your animation emphasized this cultures lack of individuality, and truly set the stage for your story. Also, I would say it even parallels modern society to a degree, (as do I suppose most storys warning us about a future with absolute control) You may have, for example noticed the change in architecture over just this last century, I don't know if you live in a city, but if you can, take a look at a builing buils around 1900, you may notice the Precise artistic details, the Innovative personalized architecture, and the overall character of the building, On the other hand take a look at any of the many dozens of faceless impersonal Condos, which are doubtlessly being built at a rediculous rate somewhere in your general vicinity, you may notice their cold sterility, and lack of artistic influence. I'm rambling, but in short, your flash really rings true, and should hopefully give viewers something to mull over for awhile, as this piece truly is a possible portrayal of the path our society is leading us down. Best of luck in your future flashes, you're a great storyteller.

SilverStitch responds:

Wow...thanks! I didn't expect a response like this, but yeah, this being an English major, things like that were all considered. Thanks for noticing and thanks for liking it. ^,,^