Reviews for "Cubiquity"

I liked the moral

I think that in today's society everyone thinks that you have to be alike and people tend to lose creativity and just fuse together with the masses. Now I am not some hippie or anything but we are starting to lean toward a "perfect" world. With the study of genes and the attempt to figure out how to fix them in order for everyone to be the perfect human all around, I wouldn't be surprised if in the future we all weren't cubes. Who you are makes you unique and in a great way and thanks for showing that SilverStitch.

SilverStitch responds:

Very "Brave New World". Im glad you enjoied this work so much, and understood it so well.
Thanks. =)

Terrific work!

As per usual!

It's people like you who make Newgrounds worth coming too!

Thank you for your touching submissions :)

SilverStitch responds:

Thanks, Im really glad you enjoi my works. =)

Another beautiful submission...

I honestly think I am becoming a fan of you, since I am writing this actually while WATCHING the video, though I am nearing the end of the submission.
The idea of this video is outstanding, and I really am falling for the little cubes! Going against the rest is so great and the way you portray it is pretty cool to me.
Having just come from Colour Your Heart, I am still aware that the majority of what I am seeing are flashes with messages, which have an excellent scheme.
I am curious as to where the concept of 'The Cube' came from, but I can only guess it was more from the world we are within and all that sort of thing.
REALLY!? Gah, just watched the ending, and won't spoil it, but really?
Great concept, but oh my god! T-T
That's just sad!
By the way, the sound was fine for me, so I heard it all and loved the names of the Imaginatives! It was cute, to say the least.
Full score for this, just simply another amazing work, I must say, I am becoming more and more of a fan of these flashes you make, and am becoming more inspired by the ideals the flashes show!
Keep going strong, send me a message or some kind of thing to tell me about more of your ideas, please! It's simply great to find someone with good flashes!

SilverStitch responds:

Wow...umm...thanks again.
I dont mind these long reviews (except I cant reply to reviews on CMH anymore cause of too many).
Its great the you enjoi these works so much.
Thanks. =3

Trends suck..

Not the thing the trend is, just the idea of conforming to them. I have nothing against iPods and Volcom.. I have one.. and I wear Volcom all the time.. but if you don't like them... Why wear or use them??? Be yourself... The most simple and important statement man-kind has come up with. Creativity is important... We need to have more to ourselves than just impulse.

SilverStitch responds:

Well said.
Glad you enjoied this work so. =)


This was something that showed us what should be aware of. Let's make it free from politics, but regretfully there were and there are some efforts done in order to completely control people in recent times... While watching, the book of Orwell came to my mind (think you've guessed that I mean 1984 ^^). I hope people will think it over. I have. Sorry for saying it again, but since I'm not a native english-speaker, it was really difficult to understand them, but I'll do my best :D

SilverStitch responds:

Yeah, don't worry too much about dialouge, it isnt very clear for fluent English speakers anyways.
Im glad you enjoied it and drew meaning from it. =)