Reviews for "Ice Panic"

I like!

Strangely entertaining. I felt bad for that sheep with all those dogs.

kinda like. pature panic

little more slippery though... you should make it so the ice cracks if lots of dogs are in one spot

It's easy

to get a high score. You just go in wide circles. I got 9th place for today easy, like 132,000 or something. I would have got more but one entered the game area from off screen and hit me.

Yellow Star be Worthless.

Yellow star does NADA! It turns you kinda invisible to you, but the dogs can still see where you are, they continue to follow you while in stealth mode. It oughta be where they just continue on to your last visible location, otherwise, what's the point?

Otherwise quite fun and I am number 15 under 'Yellow Star Does Nothing."
Simple, not-flashy graphics, but smooth gameplay, clear goal, and quick resolution are all bueno aspects.

dzikhunters responds:

Dog's still folowing you but can't hurt you

Awesome game

I love it!