Reviews for "Ice Panic"

Pretty good game

Nice Simple Graphics and doesn't have a high graphics requirement

Good sounds, could use some music but when the sheep dies it is totally disgusting, which is a good thing : D

it was fun

the animation was good, the controls were smooth, but a little to hard...and try to add some music or somthing...


Pretty Original (maybe not the concept but mixed up togehter; the programming and the concept of a sheep chased by dogs) Kudos.

It was fun.

Nothing amazing or mind blowing but still, this game was fun. It looked nice and the sound worked. The only real reason i gave you a 7/10 is well...Just because the game is just a small and simple game. Not to say it is not fun.

Nice work. I hope i can see bigger games from you.

Pretty fun.

It's a pretty simple game and there's not much to it, but it's fun. It's fun trying to beat the other users scores. So good job putting the scoring system in. The graphics and animation were good.

It was a little hard to tell when your power up ran out. Maybe you should put a time bar at the top for when you have a power up.

Overall it's a pretty good game. It's not very addicting though. It's fun for a few minutes.

Good job!