Reviews for "Fart-O-Mat"

um, ok....

When I started playing this I said 'Heh heh, he farted!' That's were I lost interest cause this game SUCKS!


It's a basic soundboard made into a "game". I giggled at the different types of butts to click on, but my enjoyment was soon gone after I had clicked all the farts.

Not HORRIBLE, but not impressive.


^^Good Points^^
It's kind of funny how you had a partner to fart with, that was a funny idea. Much better than just saying "here play with a fart soundboard".

^^Needs Improving^^
I'm sorry, but most of the farts just sounded like noise to me. I didn't get much entertainment out of this.


truthfully it was horrible

This game blows!!!

The Farts didn't sound funny at all and thats why the humour score is zero. I know you were trying to be funny but it didn't work. Try to make something better next time or don't make anything at all.