Reviews for "Fart-O-Mat"

its ok

well, the farts are most likely made from a mouth, and you probally should make more heads and when they start to die make there head expload and blood splatters on the screen


it was decent

its not the worst game on ng but it
could be better add sound effects


I can't say that I really find this submission funny in anyway, but I found it funny in the quality of the submission that it was. There wasn't much to do and it didn't have a lot of things to it, but it did what it set out to do, and I guess for the time this game out that was a good thing. Meh, I personally didn't like it.


okay just something you should all keep in mind if you look at the date submitted rougly 9 years ago. this would be something to be proud off.

funny how this now looks like nothing.

Stille funny anyways

Awful !

Probably the most boring game on ng