Reviews for "Fart-O-Mat"

what were you guys thinking?!

That was the biggest waste of time. This is the worst game i've ever seen on NG. Come on, I thought you guys could do better. I thought higher. Well this game fuckin sucks. Don't waste your time like i did.


Ok that was just....it was just gay. I was the worst thing i have ever seen on NG. ITs just...fucking retarded!

useful in deterring sex

This is fucking funny... My roommte insists on making out with her boyfriend constantly... The sound of farts blasting from my computer served well to quell the moaning and slurping sounds coming from the opposite side of the room.

Ahhhh, the lowbrow!

I'm sorry, that last dude just has no clue about what's just funny as fuckin' hell. It's brainless! It's juvenille! It's pointless! AND IT MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD MY FUCKIN' SIDES HURT! Yes! Fat humor is the lowest form of humor and it's the fuckin' funniest form, too!!!

Weird reactions...

Quite nicely done and *fart*, oops, sorry...and funny. But many people have different ways of looking at your movie...