Reviews for "Fart-O-Mat"

man what a stench

bleh that was an awfall stench man i did not want to be in there place


That could have been so much more entertaining, it needed a great deal more interactivity. Although, I would like to see that instated as the official method of execution in every state.

This got old way too fast!!

Farting is funny, I am all for bathroom humor but this was missing alot. There should have been more too it. The asses should have had names and talked and stuff. That would have been made it alot better, anything!!! It was too bland and it turned shitty real fast...no pun intended..lol


It was all lame! If you actually had to aim and crap it would be alot better but farts!!! How lame can you go?

Another stupid fart game

Nice choice of people to kill but C'mon! Farts! Gez.