Reviews for "Legend of Tarantos III"


awesome movie 3rd part! i enjoyed

Very Nicely done

Didn't think my voice would sound like that in the final product. LOL

Anyway, the action was good and the drawings were pretty good but what could improve is your anatomy on the characters. Some of the body parts were a little bit off in my opinion and some of the animations were a little bit choppy.

Honestly though, this was pretty epic and I congratulate you on that. It gave me shivers the first time I watched it. LOL

Just as epic as the rest!

First of all, sorry for the late review! :\
I've been sick for an week now, finally I am getting better.

The movie itself was just amazingly done, just like all others. The story line of this movie is well thought, and greatly produced in the end product! The music was tremendously well used, it all was really epic to see the king standing for the battle between good and evil. And Finally you've hired voice actors this time! Big props for that, it is way better than without them. The voice actor(s) did well, only at some points I think he did it too 'drastic' because, in some ways the sound was an bit too rushed, otherwise that it was good. I also loved the vocal sound of that demon, and the black ghost, wich I've also seen in LOT II, it sure did sound like some kind of demon spawn from hell!
Oh.. man, you've suprised me with this awesome flash. You've also satisfied me more than enough with it.

Your animation style has improved very rapidly, you could be proud of yourself!
Also I loved the camera styles, and the special effects. This was me when it happened -> :O

- Where's the elf? The one on LOT II? He could've helped tarantos right?

That's the only bad point about it though.
And please let Tarantos live!! He can't be dead! :O

Oh no! What's that! It's an fat ass 5/5 & 10/10!!!
You've deserved it! ;)

- Unrealdark (DJ-PHX)

mariomaster123 responds:

Lol, thatnks man! You and your music rocks!
I completely reconfigured the plot of Tarantos since the last 1. The first still holds true, but the last one must be changed.

Acetium is gone :C
He was a pointless and useless. So, I let him go.

As it is, I am redoing the second one and possibly doing a 1.5 one

One again thanks for your totally rad music man! Start going on Newgrounds more!!!! >:C

The third one finally!

You are my FAVORITE independent artist on newgrounds!
This was by far the best of the three, and the spear fighting scene was amazing!
You have once again astounded me with your excellent use of blur and art, music and sound and even manipulated voices this time around! Thank you, that was sick.

Fucking brilliant. Thanks for keeping me posted.

WOW... very good

Hey dude... u r getting better and better... I really liked this one... but u still need to improve ur drawings... be proud of urself man because it was very good ^^