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Reviews for "Pokemon Pizazz"

The Voice gave me goosebumps. Awesome.

It's hard to not see the word "Pizza" when looking at the title. I thought this was great. I guess I am just used to the old intro so much, it's weird to hear someone else's voice doing it. You just sound so different than what is normally used. You of course still have a wonderful voice. The softness truly helps.

I remember back when everyone hated Pokemon. Now, we can go back to loving it! You just get all of the words down so well. You sound like someone singing the theme song to a James Bond movie. Hmm, that would be a neat combo.

I really love this version of the pokemon song!! Amazing!

*Insert 12,280 letters of praise here*

hania responds:

<3 Thanks!

This really made my day!

Keep up the great work!