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Reviews for "Pokemon Pizazz"

Love the singing, I just cant listen to this song seriously because..well its pokemon, and the nostalgia factor just takes over. Still a great take on this song though. The jazz take is pretty neat.

Very soft and soothing, an interesting take on the Pokemon song, I have never really pictured this song as something that could be soft yet, you pull it off very nicely. Not an easy task mind you. Still very very nice work. Please continue the good work.

How is it possible for a song about Pokemon to sound this good? Never was a Pokemon fan, actually I never liked jazz either, but this is entertaining. It's the vocals! O_o

Making wonderful music as always. The best rendition of this song I've heard (Except maybe the original, nostalgia is powerful).

Absolutely stunning!

Only Hania could possibly make my heart race and ease my soul just by singing the Pokemon Theme...

...I'll be sure to play this at my next "Wine and Cheese" party. You know, if the Rattata doesn't eat the cheese... And James (From Team Rocket, not James Lee) drinks all the wine.

Unless James Lee enjoys wine, then he can feel free to drink all of it and is invited.