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Reviews for "Pokemon Pizazz"

It's really original that you sang this song in jazz form! It's a great song. And... I totally love pokemon! I thought is was very creative that you put a third verse in this song.

Damn, I am not a jazz fan personally, but your voice is beautiful. I hear a lot of jazz around where I live, and this is brilliant. I could totally see you go far.

P.S: I was just thinking about someone singing this on like, "The Voice" or "American Idol" and the audience is like WTF is pokemon doing here... lol!

this is awesome.

beautifully written and beautifully performed. very high quality too.

You voice was meant for jazz.

The singing was phenomenal, sticking to the original lyrics was a great move, but the instrumental was a little dry. Pretty sure I hear a hihat, but its a little too muffled. If you brought out that hihat and kept the snare muffled it might give some depth.

0,0 beautiful voice... and jazz (the best type of music) im not into pokemon but your singing could be better than someone like Taylor Swifts... or maybe we have some real celebrities on newgrounds...