Reviews for "The dog and the Plane"


This reminds me of south park. When Kyle kicks Ike into windows and other stuff.

TheSpicanator responds:

hahaha that was a classic episode... funny though cause i see the similarity but i didnt even think of that show when i made it. lol


lol that is funny 5/5 10/10 good job

TheSpicanator responds:

thanks again


awsome =P

TheSpicanator responds:


short but good

I loved your use of colors and the roly-polyness of the dog.

TheSpicanator responds:

hahaha the fat dog lol


That was simply amazing
It's very short and to the point
But among my fav flashes ever
Actually i did fav it
And you got 5/5
Consider making a longer animation
With a storyline
Involving some fun things like this.

TheSpicanator responds:

lol thanks a lot, i actually dont really consider this one my best... nor is the art work very great. but hey it made someone laugh and thats what im after. thanks a lot for the review