Reviews for "Reiko - Yule Tide"

i agree with the two before me...

estella, it seems you're the only one who dislikes everything about this series, so why bother irritating everyone here with your completely useless rant?

obviously, if the style hasnt been "improved", maybe thats the style he was going for? why fix what isnt broken? everyone else seems to love it... including me.

i love every episode of the series, and i love the style, its simple but its also perfect for this type of flash!

the only thing that needs improving here, is your attitude, estella.

anyway, i hope to see more of reiko soon! love the series, keep it up! ^_^

TaintedInk responds:

Thanks. I appreciate the backup. I don't really get that weird old lady's rants, either. Maybe a demon girl killed her cat when she was a kid back in the Gold Rush days.

i agree with lovelylust...

and estelle, if u didn't like the video, why did u take the time to write up a comment?? im only 13 and i make way more sense than u do, that sounds sad doesn't it? but any ways good video and hope u keep making more!!!!! XD

TaintedInk responds:

Thanks. Don't mind that old grandma. I think she forgot her Alzheimer's medication that morning.

To Estella

I know it seems to you the artist hasn't improved but maybe in your opinion the sketches are horrible and the animation is bad. But I think they're fine the way they are. Everyone has a different style in drawing you can't blame them. And I think mostly everyone here enjoys the it is drawn, but that's my opinion. Anywhos keep going with your work Vincent you're doing a fantastic job

TaintedInk responds:

Thank you.

Last chance

Oh santa, you should of said a random location x]
Oh well, theres Reiko for ya

Haha! Awsome!

That was delightfully evil and sadistic! The only thing is the sound is kinda iffy. But whatever, great flash! Reiko kicks ass!