Reviews for "Fear Unlimited Arena"

awesome dmc flash

just too bad, the whole game is freaking fast, its like playing sonic on crack :( anyway is there anyway to make the game more laggy? a lag-free dmc flash is just so strange :D and by the way, is there a stinger move skill in this game? Just wondering since well, i die too fast to see anything :(

good game

good game.
fair game engine


u could make more of this wacking fun. like in the original: everytime u get stonger until the pint no1 can hurt u. good game.

good but i found a glitch

very fun but if u switch guns while shooting rapidly u can use shotgun very quickly and do massive damage just say( oh and the guy how doesn't like it because its a devil game screw you devil may cry is to and got many sales and was a very good game your just so religious you cant stand to think of a game with a devil in it so you make fun of it and say its bad so other people wont play it because you think it will"ruin the kids minds " and"


Game Awesome, music Great i love it