Reviews for "Fear Unlimited Arena"


This is a fun game. Awesome!

A cool game.

I hve played all your games and you my good sir deserve a pat on the back for these awesome games 99999999\10

Love it, please fix it.

Great addition to the fear unlimited series, very fluent, and i love the enemies.The new weapons are great, but there's some serious glitches. i kept falling through the floor at the beginning of the level several times and i was suspended in midair, and unable to continue.
I would like to continue playing this game, but these glitches need to be fixed.
Thank you


I like those twin ring swords they rock!!! :>

Love It!

Awesome DMC tribute!!!

You have sparked something in me.

I love the game you've done i think the animations are well done, and as a game i am finding it midly addictive, i realise thta the is very heavily influanced by Devil may cry and that is awesome, you making me get out my old copies of the DMC series again. That said i thought you have taken alot of care to make a good game, and for me you have Congrats. I will certainally be playing this a few times yet.