Reviews for "Fear Unlimited Arena"

pretty good

pretty good game only problem is i cant get the hidden weapon i have it on issue 1 and its awesome on there and issue 1 is real slow on my computer so i wonder how fun it will be to use dudagera on this so if anyone knows how to get and how
to get the elite battle please tell me

Great Game!

This game is amazing, I've found out what the third weapon is, but I have no idea on how to get it.
A sickle chained to a heavy weight. It's inner core burns to temperatures that rival the suns.

wow it was awesome yet to idont know long or hard

1 how in the world do you get the third sword
2 how many enemys are there
3 what happens whn you get up to full life
4 what does taunt do
5 whats the difference (othre than the increased health) from regular avs elite
and lastly what is up with the end equasin. how do you get and A in stylish points

Devils may cry for this game!

reminds me exactly of Devil may cry but in flash

not my kinda game

the controls are sloppy and difficult. the music is good but you cant turn around while attacking. I would have to spend alot of time to become good at this game but i dont feel like it is worth that time. not bad overall, just not good.