Reviews for "Fear Unlimited Arena"

needs work

game plays a bit slow and the controls are a bit of

I dunno...

Maybe it was my 'puter, but the controls were a little sluggish. I did have this on low quality, though. It reminded me a bit of DMC, what with the dual wielding hero, and all. It was okay, I guess. It looked all right, but playability? If you spam bullets at your enemies, they go down too easy. Not my bag, baby.

Dizimz responds:

this goes to just-will to

guys the problem with flashgames is there are no real computer requirements and sometimes games in general run slow even on my good desktop

i know its a common complaint but the game runs full speed for me.
and theres not much else i can do for the game.

also the guns can mow down the first bunch of foes but obviously they become useless later on in as the rounds continue.

I certainly appreciate the attempts at professionally reviewing the game.
and ofcourse, thankyou for your time but i think it running too slow is a real mixed opinion since other comments when it was on FGL and being tested said it ran at times too fast.

its a real pickly

its nice

although its really hard...thats what she said....



This game really good! The graphics are good and the fight moves are nice and the gameplay pretty good!