Reviews for "Fear Unlimited Arena"


I.....I don't know what to say, this is the best flash game i have ever played. Very well done, nice action and very fast spaced. Keep it going


you've left me speechless most awesome game on the internet ever (favorited)


But only one thing is might be in this game - Medals Or Achievements.


i am speechless cool but is there i scythe in the game

Another Hit... Man, They Take Lots of Hits!

I call this another successful installation in the 'Fear Unlimited' series. It does tke a while to build up stats and upgrades, but doing so can be very satisfying. I would have liked to see the weapon-steal controls from '2' used in this one, however I like how the Hell Drive works in this one better. Plus, the enemies are tougher and can block more easily.

Other than weapon-steal, it would be good to see different backgrounds and bgm to break things up a bit, otherwise gameplay becomes somewhat monotonous, especially as the same types of enemies keep on appearing -- the teleporter having the most annoying set of abilities [wink wink]. I would like to see these enemies mixed in with the regular monks and Saharas in '2, Issue 2' if possible.

I've also fallen back to using Anima and the Demonics all the time, while I'm still curious about the other weapons to be used in '2.' This game, in itself, takes a lot of patience to get into with a sense of reward coming in there somewhere.

All told, well done. Another instant favourite.