Reviews for "Fear Unlimited Arena"

like the hinu & jukata

rely good job. there was just a few small things i didnt like.


Its awesome!almost the most amazing fighting game ive ever played! Your really good at this, and the animation was incredible, lol the tonfas rocked, the only thing i didnt understand is the grading...It was D's all the time...But oh well, this was awesome, and how do you get better weapons?


Game Awesome, music Great i love it

ok this is awesome dude

this is freaking awesome hehehe i think it would be better if it have other stages

Very nice.

Devil may cry is not exactly my thing, but that doesn't affect the score I gave you. It's a pretty cool game. I actually kinda liked it. There is only one problem I see, and that is the fact that once you're in the air, you can't change direction. Other than that, it's great. There is no lag from what I could see, and the animation was great. Keep up the good work man. Great game. There are people like me who don't exactly have interest, but oh well, can't win em all.