Reviews for "Fear Unlimited Arena"

This is a very good DMC TRIBUTE...

Just a quick heads up to anyone about to mark this as a rip off or those who've already done so...Dizimz has tagged this as his own TRIBUTE for Devil May Cry so please lay off.

Review: I've been a fan of Fear Unlimited for a long time now and I feel you've taken a slight step back with this release...But in a good way. It brings back the simplicity and feel of the first game back into perspective. It almost cushions the semi-fail of Fear Unlimited 2 (prelude to one) since...honestly that game was soooo bug ridden and difficult to manage. I'm not saying this is the perfect Fear Unlimited I was looking for but it obviously is super better then both games. The movements are more fluid and well rounded, Sprite designs are getting super better and it's nice to see a good tribute nowadays.

10/10 :3

Because I doubt you've heard this JUST enough.

Can you say "Devil May Cry: the rip off?"

I knew you could.


i think u really enjoyed devil may cry lol game is great maybe ur combos need to be fixed


Needs a little work, but other than that it was pretty fun :D


its ok some of the glitches can be found easy