Reviews for "Fear Unlimited Arena"

hey, I need to know something..

what's the music in the background at the upgrade screen?

You have sparked something in me.

I love the game you've done i think the animations are well done, and as a game i am finding it midly addictive, i realise thta the is very heavily influanced by Devil may cry and that is awesome, you making me get out my old copies of the DMC series again. That said i thought you have taken alot of care to make a good game, and for me you have Congrats. I will certainally be playing this a few times yet.


i keep looking at upgrading weapons and when i swap through the dual swords back to anima, a third name pops up for a split second. is there a third sword to unlock???

awesome game

awesome game but u should make the sowrd throwable like dante does

To all the asses who don't know how to play FUA

This Is a good game. You people just choose to complain about it. This is from the only artist to do Devil May Cry style games. And, He does a good job at it. You all complain that the weapon upgrades suck and the monsters are too hard. Well, I admit the weapon upgrade kinda does suck, but you should instead choose to up grade your demon form. In demon form, your speed and strength are tripled and health is regenerated ,so upgrade that. In customize mode, you can upgrade it in "magic". You have the chose of making your attacks stronger, your ability to KEEP YOURSELF IN DEMON FORM LONGER, or increase your health regeneration in your demon form. The starting prices are 350 for all three and they only increase by 100 each time, at least so far( I haven't fully upgraded all three but with increasing your time I know it does that). And for you guys who complain the monsters are too hard, maybe start at a lower difficulty? Or, as I used to do, fight and try using guns more. And if they get too close use the sword. And don't be afraid to evade! It WILL keep you alive! Be careful of the occasional glitch! Thank you and goodbye!