Reviews for "Fear Unlimited Arena"

Excelent gameplay!

Loved it!

Elite Battle

dunno how i unlocked the Elite Battle.But only i can say is in the alite battle is realy hard

can't unlock Dudayera and other weapons

i'm stuck with the starting swords and guns and can't figure out how to unlock the other guns and swords and it's pissing me off >=O

hugely addicting though, i have lvl 37 on survivor and lvl 18 on demon slayer xD

does anyone know how to unlock the other weps? or do you have to beat FU2 or something?

good game but....

Way to fucking many waves in the 1st arena. I killed 115 demons and I stiil got a "B" rank. To me, I think thats crazy. I wonder how is the Eilte Battle now.....


Very good, now you got Bayonetta to do..... I hate the enemies gaurding though, it's annoying