Reviews for "Fear Unlimited Arena"

Needs work

it was ok but it skips to much

way too much glitch

sometimes I jumped & I'm dissappeared & it took a while to get back.
The sword slashing glitch is irritating (not the going forward every slash that is not a glitch)
it occurs to me alot.

so so

this is a fun games but the original one is better


this game is badass and beats all the other shit.


you made devil may cry into a 2d game but the game is OK. Nothing more. Add some more HP into the guy, the enemies could kill him off easilly. The combo system was good though but it sometimes doesn't appear even when i do the combos(I know how). Even though it's not a big glitch it still bugged me, when you facing back from the enemy and fire the shotgun it hits them. Although you caould consider that a proper attack. Ehh... the graphics were great but gamplay..not so good. Here i'll give you a 6!