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Reviews for "Ski Free (flash Remake)"

still have this game on my windows 98 PC!

good old days of dial-up and just surfing the web! i rem that. i used to play neopets when i was young cuz i only had dial-up and this game from time to time ^)^
you got me temped to go dig it out of my cloest in the guest bedroom and get my old files off it =O i might upload some old old OLD things that i have on there! and keep free ski or ski free for myself with the org exe or w/e it was.

i cant help but notice that you missed the snow covered rocks/bunny hills or w/e.

when i started playing this i hoped you would remember the guy that ate you and you did ^_^ thank you for that! you have no idea how much that means to me to relive my child hood ^_^


Thanks for the bringing back my last bit of innocent nastalgia dude 10/10.

ah, this brought back memories . . . .

lol HORRIBLE memories! this game scared the CRAP out of me as a kid. i sucked pretty bad at it so i'd been playing it for months before that snowman came out. it's like playing pacman and them 2 years later having some giant fire-breathing demon tackle you off the screen! talk about TRAUMATIC!


I havent played SkiFree since I gave away my old Windows 95 fifteen years ago. The game is okay but its sadly a downgrade since there's only one speed, the stumps dont change when you bump them. However I give praise to the loop music and it's a great combination with the game giving it a sweet 90's feel. And you even brought back the Snowman, the loveable-hateable Snowman.

Overall, its a fine tribute to nearly forgotten game.


Being gobbled by that monster was a warm and happy feeling.