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Reviews for "Ski Free (flash Remake)"

In the real game, the Yeti isn't actually supposed to be just the end of the game like a time limit. You can actually hit F to go faster and escape him. This one doesn't work like that, which makes it disappointing and a bit annoying when you get to 1500 distance and can't continue. Oh well, I guess. I wish there was an exact version like the old one I could play on a site without having to download a zip or exe, which I won't do. I wanted to try my skills at escaping the yeti today, but this one doesn't let you do that, though. Close, but not quite there, heh. It's alright, though.


I still consider this a funny game,but where is the dog? it was the best part of the game.


I totally forgot about this game. I always played it when i was little like everyone else here. And one more thing can you tell me the song name it is very catchy. (XD)

Fun fun fun!!

I used to have so much fun playing this game as a kid. I especially loved the yeti, especially the way it would just come so suddenly and eat that guy. And the sight of the skier falling in the snow and looking like a total dud till you set him on his feet again used to make me laugh like hell. Loved it :)

Gotta love it :D

Although didn't the little brown trees catch fire when you jumped them in the original? Doesn't matter, love it anyway :D