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Reviews for "Ski Free (flash Remake)"

i like to ski.
i like to ski.
i can ski free.
I can ski free.
i am moving down the snow
i dont even know which i go
????????? go
i like to ski.
i like to ski.
i like to--
om nom.

I loved the original version of this game. Used to play it all of the time on Windows 3.1.

Two problems: You didn't implement the mouse control scheme and you forgot to add jumping.

The game is cool and all, but these controls suck so I deduct 2 1/2 stars. That fucking Yeti....

A 4 for reminding me of my awesome childhood, it would have been a 5 if I could've escaped the yeti like the original.

sucks u cnt climb up in this 1, in the original game u culd clib upward n thars another monster up there, the dogs peed wen u hit them sumtyms n u can do flips in the air wen u hit the up arrow, missing the other skiers n snowboarders too.