Reviews for "Subliminal - lil c ft IOU"

Previous review is me commenting off my alt, diss track'll be coming through on this account.

EmpireMusic responds:

ooooo ahaha ok i get it now, alright thanks bro much love

Beat's fucking solid, your delivery is confident. However: Your lyrics are clichéd and two dimensional, your style is unoriginal and if the rest of clabtrap fail to maul you to death, expect yours truly to do the job.

That little about fractions, I think I can make a bit of a diss outta that. Watch this space, diss track be coming soon.

EmpireMusic responds:

we really couldn't comprehend or understand your comment except for the first part about delivery and confidence, thank you :D

Not feeling it, man. It sounds to me like you're just Childish Gambino with a worse mic and a choppier flow.

Good luck, because it seems like you'll need it.

EmpireMusic responds:

well the childish part you got right, that why his name is lil c , he might act as he's "lil" and the rough mic, yes we just need a better 1, i dont get a choppier flow? but alright thanks :D

The beat is cool, Cassidy probably did it good too.

Props for the freestyle. I don't know who this Weezy character is, so... you don't sound like him to me. Your flow is decent, the mixing in the "freestyle" are cool. The lyrics, could use improvement though, hope to hear Lil C droppin some well-prepared, practised, and comfortable verses in Clabtrap comp.

Props to Lil C,good luck in the comp

Hi EmpireMusic,

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1 download ahahaha your porbably downloaded it, you are really bad, like how do people want to bob this, oh yea i forgot know 1 does -_- ahahaha oh no wait 1 person does, pick up your stuff
God Bless"

That song now has 6.

I'm surprised you care so much about numbers when you can barely spell.

EmpireMusic responds:

lol thanks for the review, ye sorry i dont have time to auto correct for people that dont even no a bit about music, porbably lol just a common grammar mistake but thank though much love bro

God Bless

I was ok with this except for one line. That Bambi line. That shit isn't cool man.

EmpireMusic responds:

alright il keep em more pg. lol much love bro

God Bless