Reviews for "The Real Folk Blues"

Man I thought the original song was good, and the alternate version was even better, but I gotta say this version has something unique about it, the guitar fit pretty well with the singing style without drowning it out. So, anyways, see you space cowboy

Okay, this wasn't bad. You could've left in the slight delay on 'blues', it's what made the chorus pop. For a cover though, it was amazing. There's something great about this song and you almost, almost captured that feeling. Just a bit short off the mark.

Your voice though, it's one of the best things I've ever heard. Keep it up.

Its decent a well made cover, but far from the original. And I'm not one of those people who hate remakes or sequels either, just found this version a little lacking.

Cowboy Bebop is my all time favorite anime and the music has a lot to do with that fact. this wasn't my favorite song in the show but i still loved it, and you did an amazing job covering. Fantastic Job, i look forward to more tracks from you, and hopefully some more anime song covers.

That was...one of the best things I've heard in months. Here I was, expecting a slipshod cover of one of my favorite anime songs, and instead my brain gets slapped by the greatest cover I've ever heard. Of anything. You have all my respect, all of it.