Reviews for "The Real Folk Blues"

Really nice. I'm a hardcore Cowboy Bebop fan and I love the music. I'm usually very critical when someone even tries to make a cover of one of the songs, but this is really nice. First time I've heard of someone putting english only lyrics on this song. Keep up the good work, I love it! Maybe try making another one? Possibly Rain, blue, flying teapot or call me call me? Rain would be awesome.

Perfect, good job :) (all my brain can get out beside this side comment).

Atlast. Finally, i found this english cover almost 1 years after i finish Cowboy Bebop. :)

Cowboy Bebop always brings all this feelings to me! Excellent cover! DOn't know what else to say, just excellent work!

the only bad thing to this.... was hoping to read some lyrics lol

Sapphire responds:

Oh! I totally forgot about them! Just put them up. Thanks!