Reviews for "The Real Folk Blues"

wow, just amazing!

OMG I love this song! I wish I could use you for an ending song for my flash anime I'm working on! Your voice is amazing, and it works so well with this song <3

Holy goodness out there!
I got choked up with nostalgia, listening to that. That was a very nice rendition and the lyrics flow more than well.
Here's the last of my rare 10s. I wasn't carrying that many, but this deserves it. :'D

I have no idea where to start! First, an anime from the late 90's still gains the respect it rightfully deserves, and more than that, the voice fits this piece perfectly! I love the original, but after listening to this one, I'm hooked!
5/5!!! Nothing less!

absolutely stunning! Gorgeous voice :) Come check out my audio, maybe we can work together :P