Reviews for "A Very PS3 Christmas"


Lol, PS3 does suck balls! That was awesome and really funny. The only thing i had a problem with was the sound quality/volume could have been better when you were shouting. Other than that, its great!

good work XD

lmao everything about that was good wow that was really funny hahahahaha!!!


this is exactly why I stopped at the PS2. When XBOX and PS3 came out they were taking $400 - $500 bucks and $60 - $70 bucks per game. You gotta be kidding me, I aint rockerfella! Not even on credit or debit would I waste my money on either system! PC Games are the wave of the future, atleast your $50 - $60 bucks goes a long way after you beat the game. You can go online and acquire upgrades to alter game play to keep it fresh!

very funny

very very funny

The epidomy of awesomeness

This animation goes beyond words in its message; A man struggling to finally make his son proud. All his life he has had to lie about his sons age, steal and intimidate to make sure he can support his family. It shows that the right people take wrong turns and their rage is what ends up killing them. The man, his name left ambiguous to make the message all the more powerful, finally erupts in a slur of obscenities that depict inanimate objects sucking on his genitals while at the same time being pieces of feces.

MasterAsh, his son asks him to buy him a PS3 for Christmas. He lies to the cashier because he just wants to get the game for his son and didn't realize it was not suitable for children. He yells about how its a "fuckin' piece a shit!" because he thought it was just a stupid toy he could buy his son for Christmas.

This is the "War and Peace" or "Citizen Kane" of Flash Animations. My hats off to you, good sir.