Reviews for "A Very PS3 Christmas"


it was mildly funny. However, the Ps3 sucks. I only use mine to watch blu-ray movies.


To be completely honest, I didn't think it was that great.
I mean, it may just be because I am one of those crazy swear-phobics, but this joke has been done a few times already.

Normal beginning everything's fine - something happens - swear words for 15 seconds - someone says something in a normal tone - more swears - and then someone leaves, comes back and swears.


thats probaly wha my dad felt when he bought me a ps3 yesterday (x-mas)

10/10 for being so awesome and funny

i watch it like 10 times and everytime i watch it. it makes me laugh more and more....LOL
humor 10/10
drawings 9/10
color 10/10
~~~thing to improve ON~~~
it was a little short though



This is awsomely funny!!! Although Im more of a 360 fan :)