Reviews for "A Very PS3 Christmas"

A Very True Flash

Pretty good. My friend works at Gamestop and got this sort of thing quite often two weeks ago. I wouldn't say it was as detailed with the age, but it was some good humor. Good Flash.

The epidomy of awesomeness

This animation goes beyond words in its message; A man struggling to finally make his son proud. All his life he has had to lie about his sons age, steal and intimidate to make sure he can support his family. It shows that the right people take wrong turns and their rage is what ends up killing them. The man, his name left ambiguous to make the message all the more powerful, finally erupts in a slur of obscenities that depict inanimate objects sucking on his genitals while at the same time being pieces of feces.

MasterAsh, his son asks him to buy him a PS3 for Christmas. He lies to the cashier because he just wants to get the game for his son and didn't realize it was not suitable for children. He yells about how its a "fuckin' piece a shit!" because he thought it was just a stupid toy he could buy his son for Christmas.

This is the "War and Peace" or "Citizen Kane" of Flash Animations. My hats off to you, good sir.


The underlying themes of this masterful Adobe Flash© animation are just stupefyingly wonderful. Such amazingly well thought out diction has not been put forth since War & Peace. The existential nature of the store clerk is really brought out by his stubby right arm and stoic recitation of the insurmountably price of the PlayStation 3 . This flash deserves the highest marks one can earn on Newgrounds! Bravo!

let me uncover something

bassbro:does not even have flash.
meatwadsprite:only got front page cause hes a good curser
this flash:revolves arounf anger


This movie leaves me very confused. Is the man buying the PS3 for his son, but honestly knows so little about his own kid he can't remember his age? That would make the story a commentary about lax parenting, which I could dig.

Is the man buying the PS3 for himself, but is ashamed to admit it and lied about having a son? This would make the story a commentary about the public's portrayal of gaming as a child's hobby, which I would've dug over a decade ago when such an opinion flew more freely.

Is the man buying the PS3 for himself, had a son he barely knew, but is simply blown away by the price of the system and games? This would make the story a (weak) commentary about the costs associated with the gaming lifestyle, which I don't feel resonates with many people. (i.e. Most gamers are accustomed to spending large amounts of money on their entertainment.)

I honestly do not know what I'm seeing in this movie, and the Yosamite Sam-style swearing doesn't do an already unclear direction any favors.

The visuals are nice, though. The "purposefully crappy" look always pleases my eye when done well.