Reviews for "A Very PS3 Christmas"

Sorry, I didn't like it

Animation was fine enough, sure, but it just seems like everyone is trying to hop on the "Awesome" style of animation and storytelling. Not original flash movie is not original.

If you're trying to make a point that the PS3 is expensive, well, there's a reason for it, but hey! There's a price-drop coming soon anyway, and it's totally a worthwhile system!


OK, this flash was kinda weird simply because your trying to say how expensive a PS3 console is.

Well I own both an XBOX 360 and PS3 and by far the PS3 is a whole lot better.
Also it costs alot more because it has blu-ray some people tend to forget this when comparing it with other consoles.

I give this a 3 because you caught the anger of a money tight douche.

So true.

PS3 is expensive as hell! And besides three fourths of the good games on it are on 360 anyway, and 360 still has better exclusive games. But I won't make this a rant. GJ on the video.

only $400

I thought the console alone was around $600. Where is that store?

it was all good except for...

It was really funny, and I liked how he was freaking out about the price and crap. Everything was great, except i think little big planet is stupid, (my opinion is based on blind unknowing hatred for the game since it looks retarded. if u like it then good for u.) In a way, the littlebigplanet part at the end is kind of funny to me though, since he heard it was good, but maybe he son is going to hate it. so anyway good JOB! =)