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Reviews for "Overdrive"

Ever since the new site design came out, I've been having trouble finding pages where I knew I could always come to find good music. I've finally found one. THIS is music. Great job!

Never been amazing at reviews (nor music :D), but this song was just asking for one.

First off, I really liked the transitions, especially the pre-drop one. The whole song was really melodic, which is a thing I miss in today's Dubstep. Nice to see a change in this genre ^^. Also, this is one of the best (if not the best) freshly made dubstep song I've heard in days. Maybe even Weeks.
Really glad I had time today to check the Audio portal for something new ^_^. What I also noticed, is that you give a very different feel to Dubstep than the other artists. Final thoughts are that the mixing was really good, better than I could do in years :D. All in all, sick track, has a dirty-chill feeling to it. Great job on the track!


I usually don't like dubstep at all. But this is one is an exception. It's tremendous!

Please make a album of stuff like this, this is very good. I would love to see an EP of this.

aaronmusslewhite responds:

wow thanks, I've been tossing the idea around of collecting a few of my songs and having them mastered at the studio I work at for like a "donationware" kinda EP release but I wasn't certain anyone would be interested. Just a short 4-6 track kinda thing while I work on a more proper release. Thanks for the inspiration, thanks for listening! :D

I now need a Q-Tip in the shape of a mop because my brains just exploded inside of my head. :D