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Reviews for "Overdrive"

i have to say this is my favorite song from New-grounds (thus far) and i used it in a YouTube video of mine (which i gave it full credit for)
i must say though my favorite parts were from 1:12-1:39 and 2:50-3:17
i hope you make things as awesome as this song later on in your music making career

Congratulations, you win the "To the MP3 player award". Your speech? :D

aaronmusslewhite responds:

haha. oh wow, I didnt expect this :D. i dont know what to say. i'd like to thank the academy, and everyone who liked the song, and everyone's positive inspiration. I really was surprised at how well you guys received my mus-. *gets interrupted by the wrap it up orchestra*

using this on turntable, people LOVE IT. you my good sir, .. i honestly dont know what to say. ill try and keep spreading word on ya

aaronmusslewhite responds:

wow that's awesome! Thanks for the support man.

amazing thats all i have to say ive been listening to dubstep for a few years now ever since the early ages of it and i find this the most amazing dubstep so far.

You did a great job hope you dont mind me saving it i love dubstep but guitarstep! badass keep up the good work dude!!! :D:D:D