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Reviews for "Overdrive"

I put this on loop.
It's the only way to enjoy the song.


As you can see in my profile, I only bother reviewing great songs, and this one was by far better than what I expected. This was good for several reasons that some dubstep/electronic/house artists miss:
Drums that fit the bass drop
Not just all of a sudden jumping in the bass (can be good on occasion, only if used right however)
A fitting instrument that's not just a square pad or saw (e.g. your guitar)
Standing out chords that give the bass a better feel, rather than WUBWUBWUB

Overall, great song. I've always been a fan of not just using electronic instruments in songs, and even though this seems to mostly consist of electronic instruments it still has a feel to it.
And one last thing if you look at this artist, is this guitar an overdriven guitar?

this is really good! Downloading for sure

I couldn't help but smile. Well done.