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Reviews for "Overdrive"

This is THE BEST dubstep I know of. Literally #1, you are a musical genius!

troll got owned!

OMG thats the best dubstep i've heard in my whole life!

GOGOGO head bangin!

I can't stop listening to you're musical genius! If you mixed this with some lyrics it would be sikk. Just saying :P Keep up the good work. I have faith in music again. Thank you.

I've been checking out alot of this dubstep stuff. And I dont see what any of it has to do with harmonicas?

aaronmusslewhite responds:

I... harmonica? Not sure if troll.. lol Ok, Harmonicas are actually an incredibly important component of dubstep. See dubstep has it's roots in the redneck hills and the "wobbles" were produced by using a harmonica and cupping your hand around it as a sort of "filter" over time like everything else it got digitized and the wobbles became lower and lower. Just like banjo was a primary rhythm instrument of jazz and was usurped by the guitar.