Reviews for "Ninja Chronicles"

theanimation was good

however the plot did not appear to be givin through the animation

Lare responds:

Well, I didn't really plan this. I just drew what I felt like. But I'm glad you liked the animation.

That didn't affect the scor at all.

it was still just as good, what will the the next movie be like?

Lare responds:

I don't know, I think it's gonna be just like this one.

very nice dude

i like it althugh i didnt really understand what was happening but still good dude. cant wait to see what you make next

Lare responds:

Thanks. Stay tuned for the sequel!


Super Ninja Jump :P
It would be better if there was some plot and reason why the ninja jumped into outer space to go to saturn(which was the only thing that had color :P)
I just think it needs more plot and it'll be fine.

Lare responds:

Correction, both planets had color!

But I'll try to make some kind of plot for the sequel. Thanks for the review.