Reviews for "Look up at the sky"


This was great. Exactly the kind of thing I want to see on the front page. I hadn't been to Newgrounds in a few months, and come back to watch this first. Definately makes me want to visit more often. Other than that I thought you should made the beginning and end blend in better, and not so fast. If it was blended better I would of ended up watching it about 5 times before realizing.


This vid makes you wanna enjoy the simple things in life.


... extremly well done. that guy watchin the sun set on the roof, remminded me of myself. so yeah thats a plus for u. keep it up



this is one of the most soothing things on newgrounds that ive seen!!!!
i love this so much!!
ty for uploading that!
it came just at the right time to me...it helped me relax =)

very comforting!

it reminds me a SNES ending song!