Reviews for "Look up at the sky"


i really like it but aside from the whole looping issue already pointed out, i just wanted to throw out that i found that the flashing lights on the character;s head were really distracting and took away from the rest of your work...but anyways good job:)


The music made me soft from inside...
The only thing to criticize properly is the lack of good looping, making the dream in my head shatter like glass hit by a rock, a rock the size of an american football.
Other than that, it's a fine peace of work! Keep it up!


Nice music choice, animation, all that.
Too bad the loop is connected *almost* perfectly, that the end and beginning are noticeable.. Think I'll get used to it in a bit, heh.
Nice idea, and the song made my eyes teary at one point, if that's a good thing.

Hypnotic indeed

I seriously want this as my screensaver. Just tweak with it a bit so the looping is more smooth and expand it to fit an entire screen and I'd download it instantly.


Not bad at all. Really soothing to watch. I liked the way the antenna swayed in the breeze. It would've been cool to see that happen a bit more. Also, i think some subtle animation on the character listening to the tunes would've been really neat. Maybe his head bobbing with the beat or his foot tapping with it, his hand. Maybe the wind pulling at his shirt or hair. Something of that sort. Maybe some birds flying by? Some other subtle things to make it seem more kinetic. I really liked all the sky effects and the stars. Had a great atmosphere to it. Build up on it!