Reviews for "Look up at the sky"

Love it

The music is perfect.
Gonna watch this every day now.

Very relaxing

And the music was synced with the animation perfectly. I'll be coming back and watching this one every now and again. Very good work.

beautifully done

i love your work because you put the most detail into the smallest things. it always comes together staggeringly.


Awesome like everything you've made that I've seen. I also like the small details.

I really love the helmet that shows the pitch and looks just so awesome. And the end of the loop is just amazing.

Keep up the good work!

Actions speak louder than words

At first, I caught on to the beat, and I instantly knew it would be great from there. Like others have said before, you do pertain to the small things, but that's what makes this flash so appealing to me, the fact that you can use only those small things, yet make such an impact. The idea in this flash is a classic, and I think you might have found a strength in flash making. Stick to this one, and find others to make your next one even better.

No need to ask, it's an instant 10 (and a 5).