Reviews for "Look up at the sky"


I don't see how anyone would find this "boring". It was perfectly done as well as very relaxing to watch.

While I don't normally like crediting flash authors for music they didn't make, you certainly found the right track to use in this. I've never heard something so easy to listen to in a flash before. I wish I could find music this good more often...

As for the animation, it's perfect. The star twinkles / headphone lights sync up perfectly with the music, and even after leaving it loop around for 20 times (yes, it really is that fascinating) it still syncs up well. That's better than most music video flashes by a long way. And that's not even making any mention of the simple yet clever background animations (which were, again, brilliant).

One thing I like in particular is the grainy filter over all of it. It's rare to see filters like that over flashes, and that gives it a kind of uniqueness to add to the already striking animation, without detracting on the enticing subtlety that makes you keep watching it.

There is only one thing I can find wrong with it: the preloader doesn't appear to work very well. It seems to go straight to the 'play' button without letting it load properly, which can cause blank screens to appear if you hit it too early.

Still, it's not a very big file (I'm never going to be staring at a blank screen for long, premature button-pushing or not), and once loaded it's as good as a music video can reasonably get, so it's worth a good score at any rate. Favorited!

(Also, for some reason it seems to take a lot more CPU effort to use that starry picture as a background, which can slow down the animation at times and occasionally mess up the syncing. Then again, that's probably just my crappy computer, so I'm gonna ignore it for the purposes of this review. Just thought it was worth mentioning in case others were having problems with it too.)

i love this

this loop you have made relaxes me everytime i have a stressful day. thank you. :D

I think you're brilliant.

What wonderful things that are going on in your head. Thank you for sharing. I've never seen flash like yours. This is so beautiful. It put me in a trance. I LOVED how fluid the clouds moved... Keep on making art. You are very talented. Never stop.

very relaxing

not much to say it is very relaxing to watch or jus tto have playing in the background

best song ever!

i love this song!
is there a way to download the soundfile?