Reviews for "Look up at the sky"


thats really something calming ..i wil watch it every time my brother annoys me


I couldn't look away. It was wonderful

it almost inspires me

to make something of similar value...

I wish the music and animation didn't "cut" back to the beginning so sharply, though.

You did a nice job animating to that, though, no doubt there.

would make a wonderful screen saver...

Would love to have this as a screen saver at work...so when I least expect it I can get that blast of calmness and realxing vibes...

kudos on the clouds...just loved the whole dusk colors to orange sequence....

Relaxing, calm... Just beautiful

Whenever I get stressed out, I watch this video and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......... Whenever the nail in my head is bothering me too much, I just turn on the vid. 10/10.