Reviews for "~The Elephant's Lullaby~"


Great performance! The graphics and visuals are superb, the animation movements were well executed and the music was super cool. It felt special, like for a little kid (duh!) but still very good for those that like great animation skills (like me!) The music is so cute, soft yet entertained. Keep up the great work and post more of your works more often!!!
10/10 and 5/5 very well deserved!!!


Sound-O-Vision responds:

Thank you so much for the kind words! Glad you liked it!

Very good animation!

nice work with all the details and cute music :)
this is amazing.

keep it up ;)


A very well done flash with a very catchy tune. And don't listen to the idiots that are voting bad or saying things like it shouldn't be here on newgrounds because NEWGROUNDS IS FOR EVERY AND ANYTHING and if they don't like it though shit you can't always have tits, blood, explosions etc.


That was fantastic. Really rad song & animation! :D

Simply Brilliant

A great children's animation. The art, music and concept were well executed (a seldom occurrence on NG). As I watched, I thought this was definitely TV quality (which, I can't stress enough, isn't a common remark I would make regarding many clips on NG).
The music is catchy and absolutely enjoyable. The artwork, which was not only well suited for a children's song, can also be entertaining for an older audience. Coupled with the song, the tale of The Elephant's Lullaby is simply gorgeous.
I most enjoyed the Little Elephant and Mother's conversation represented by the horn and subtitles. That part clinched the top marks from me!! Thank you for submitting it; this animation is simply brilliant.