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Reviews for "Wallace & Gromit: Top Bun"

Fun and Simple tie-in. GRAND!

I love Wallace and Gromit, so as not to be baised, I'm forced to review this game as hard as possible.
Graphic: simple, what's wrong with that?
Gameplay: simple and repetative, but short and rewarding
Story: Non-existent
Fun: Yeah!
Problems: There is some lag when the screen gets crowded, and the game is unbalanced.

Not bad, could be better, but as a tie-in, it's just right.


great fun and quite addicting for the first 10 minutes than it gets really boring.


the game is surprisingly great

Boring at beginning but got better

the last level was really hard but the game was still very good, it was a bit boring at the beginning but it got better you should try making the game a bit better at the beginning because not everyone plays the game until the end unless they are drawn towards it. Loved the game but just try to make the beginning better thanks for reading :D


a fairly fun game quite novel but i never knew how long to leave the bread in the oven
anyway I got to see the premier of the film because i know someone who works for codsteaks (the set designers) and i thought the film was great