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Reviews for "Wallace & Gromit: Top Bun"

Awesome game!

I love wallace and gromit, when i was young , i ate crackers and cheese while watching some of wallace and gromit >_>, And i can't wait for the new one, will tune in for christmas, thanks for this :D!
The game was great, very entertaining and gradually getting better, please add more levels and extra things.. ;)


The game was a pain in the butt with a touchpad but it was quite the addictive game :D


Fantastik!! That was a great game although I love wallace and gromit that just added 2 it! well done great game and I cant wait for the film!


I love this game it is so much fun! I love wallace N gromit too! Great game! Superb and so much fun!

Brilliant game!!

I fucking love your work!!
God damn I wish I was you right now.
A grand day out is the best.

5'd and 10'd.