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Reviews for "Wallace & Gromit: Top Bun"

i give it a meh

its great work in the pictue quality i give it a 10/10 for that
but the actually game it was realy boring i give it a 5/10
and i would only play it if i was realy bored

Great British Product.....

Really enjoyed the game - brings a smile to the face whilst the economic downturn does the opposite. Assuming this really is a genuine Aardman branded product for exposure through the zillions of Newgrounds followers, can I make a plea to Aardman direct .... that they take a look at two british (Kent) guys who have established a great name on Newgrounds - The Superflashbrothers. Since their teens they have been producing truly innovative animation and game design. At the moment they are still based in the UK but it won't be long until someone snaps them up permanently to other shores. Looking forward to the Christmas W&G BBC releases. Best wishes, a fan.


that game was fun and i finished it ^_^ i love wallace and gromit!! =P


game was fun kept you on your toes but was short and i wanted to see more upgrades

Good but simple

I carnt wait to see it xmas day ive seen every Wallace and Gromit and this one is ment to be the best one.