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Reviews for "Wallace & Gromit: Top Bun"

Quite Good

I am quite fond of the Wallace and Gromit shows, but it wasn't as good as i expected, but who am i to judge.

I Love Wallace and Grommit

They're awesome. My favorite Wallace and Grommit thing was where they went on the moon looking for cheese for their crackers. That sounded wrong. XD

Brilliant game!!

I fucking love your work!!
God damn I wish I was you right now.
A grand day out is the best.

5'd and 10'd.

good play

i lurve grimace and vomit.

a big surprise

the only wallace and Gromit movie i've seen is that rabbit one, so I couldn't say I like the series much, and this game looked rather dull, but this game beat my expectations and I had a fun time with it